Information for Clients

In a highly competitive market place, a pool of well qualified, experienced, reliable and legislatively compliant contractors are an extremely valuable asset to any business.

ConserveTM is your total solution for contractor management.

What do we do?

Conserve is a fully automated web based system proprietary owned and managed by BNG Contractor Services Pty Ltd.

We accredit contractors upon review and validation of all relevant contractor information/documentation to provide independent assurance to our clients that the contactors that they engage are legally compliant to provide the required services.

We ensure contractor information is always valid and current in Conserve through email alerts and follow-up phone calls by our staff to update information when they are due.

Conserve is designed for data entry and documentation uploading by contractors. However, we fully understand that not everyone is skilled to do this. Our friendly staff are on hand Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm to assist contractors with data entry and document uploading to expedite their accreditation.

To ensure the effective and smooth implementation of Conserve, we provide comprehensive training for our clients, along with a dedicated Client Services Manager to answer any questions or queries they may have after Conserve has been implemented.

How do we do this?

Contractor Information is entered and client specific validation documents uploaded into Conserve by contractors. Contractor information/documentation is then reviewed and validated by BNG Contractor Services Pty Ltd staff, and the contractor is approved and assigned to the clients ‘approved contractor list’ in the system.

The system will generate automatic email alerts well in advance, to advise contractors when any information/documentation in the system becomes due for renewal. Email alerts help to prompt contractors to update their information/documentation on Conserve.

Through this process of continual email alerts and updating of information/documentation on Conserve, all relevant contractor information/documentation remain current in the system.

Clients can confidently engage contractors from their approved contractor list in the full knowledge that all relevant contractor information/documentation is valid and current, without the need for sourcing these from their contractors at the time of engagement.

Benefits to the client

Implementation of Conserve provides clients with significant benefits. Some of which are:

  • Risks from contractor activities are eliminated or mitigated, through improved WH&S practices by contractors.
  • A cost effective solution for managing contractor information/documentation.
  • Meet WH&S legislative requirements.
  • Access to other fully accredited contractors in Conserve.
  • On-line real time access to all pertinent contractor information/documentation in a central database.
  • The adequacy and effectiveness of contractors’ WH&S management system assessed through an in built audit tool compliant with AS 4801 / OHSAS 18001.
  • On line competency based client specific inductions for contractors and employees.
  • On-line induction saves valuable on-site time.
  • Refresher inductions when due.
  • Ability to conduct site specific inductions and maintain records of this.
  • Compliant with States Records Act 1998 and Standard in Digital Record Keeping.
  • Structured reports that can be accessed/downloaded anytime.
  • Training in contract safety management for contractor managers/coordinators/supervisors, if required.

So if your company is looking for a solution for contractor risk management, we invite you to contact the staff at BNG Contractor Services Pty Ltd to discuss how Conserve can further enhance your current contractor management process.