Information for Contractors

Although you may be registering with ConserveTM on request from your client, you’ll find there are significant benefits to you as a contractor. Here’s how Conserve can help you be compliant as well as identify new business opportunities.

Use Contractor Accreditation for Multiple Clients

Your contractor accreditation has only one annual licence fee, but  you may be assigned to multiple clients. The result is you can be listed with multiple clients as an approved contractor.

Be found under ‘Search’

You will be listed in Conserve on an approved list of contractors, allowing easy search by clients looking for new contractors, resulting in possible new business opportunities.

Marketing opportunities

Conserve accreditation is gaining widespread recognition, giving you the opportunity to market your business and promote your services to other clients, thus setting you apart as an accredited contractor.

Management System

Conserve is a central repository for all your pertinent WH&S information that can be downloaded readily as a package for tendering purposes.

Conserve also offers you the opportunity to continually improve your WH&S management system through self audits using the inbuilt audit tool that is compliant to AS 4801 / OHSAS 18001.

Conserve provides automated alerts to you to ensure all your information in the system is up to date and current.

On-line inductions

Conserve includes on-line client inductions for employees, resulting in:

  • Improved workplace health & safety practices and ensures legislative compliance
  • Convenient login from anywhere with internet access
  • Simple self-paced induction training for employees
  • Efficient use of time, inductions can be taken whenever the employee has access to the internet, avoiding expensive on-site time
  • Employees issued with an induction licence, on successful completion of induction.
  • Contractors whose employees’ inductions expire will receive an automated email alert for re-inductions and re-issue of induction licence.

How it works

1. Register your business on Conserve and pay the annual licencing fee

2. You'll receive a confirmation email from BNG with instructions on uploading information/documents to Conserve

3. Log into your Conserve dashboard and upload documents as per email

4. Advise BNG upon uploading all information/documentation

5. BNG staff will then review and validate the information/documentation

6. Once all information has been verified, you'll be accredited and assigned to the client's 'approved contractor list'

7. Employees will then be able to access the client inductions on Conserve

8. Employees complete on-line inductions and issued with induction licence