What is Conserve?

ConserveTM is a web based contractor safety management system, developed in close cooperation with our clients.

Conserve is:

  • tailored to meet client needs in terms of contractor engagement and management
  • accessible via the internet 24/7

Conserve has been continually enhanced to meet the challenging needs of our clients and contractors through collaboration with our highly skilled software developers at PicNet Pty Ltd.

Cost effective contractor safety management system

BNG Conserve was created in 2008 by the Managing director of BNG Contractor Services Pty Ltd with the vision to provide an efficient, cost effective solution for Contractor Safety Management.

Why choose Conserve?

First and foremost, we do not simply provide a database for managing contractor information.

Our system and the services we provide is a holistic approach to contractor safety management.

Our philosophy is embedded in more than 15 years of providing workplace health and safety consultancy services to some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest organisations. Although we act primarily on behalf of our clients in providing them independent assurance that their contractors are legally compliant through our accreditation process, the truth is we value our contractors just as much.

Our business model is built around our contractors – simply put, “no contractors – no business”. We believe that we provide value to our contractors through our accreditation process that enhances their ability to provide good quality services to their (and our) clients.

Most importantly, although our service is an on-line web based system, our friendly staff are ready and willing to support our clients and contractors to get the most out of Conserve, through telephone assistance available 5 days a week from 9am to 5pm.

If you would like to discuss Contractor Safety Management and how Conserve can enhance your current processes, or to set up a live demonstration of the Conserve system, please contact our friendly staff at BNG Contractor Services Pty Ltd.