FAQ – Clients

What is the main benefit of using BNG Conserve?

A detailed list of benefits to clients can be found in our Client Info section.

Does the system use any special software?

No, Conserve is a web based system accessible 24/7 via the internet. You do not have to download or acquire any special software.

Who approves a supplier/contractor to be added to my client approved contractor list?

It is up to the client who they wish to have listed as approved contractors on their list. Should a contractor contact us to request that they be added to your list, your client service manager will contact you directly to obtain confirmation prior to any supplier/contractor being added to your approved contractor’s list.

How do we know if a new contractor we are looking to engage is already registered with BNG Conserve?

Using the search function, clients can search for new contractors who they wish to engage. This function will allow clients to see if they are currently registered on Conserve. Clients will not be able to see contractor’s documentation until the client requests that they be added to their approved contractors list.

If I have multiple staff that I wish to have access to our dashboard, what do I need to do to register them?

Multiple logins can be created for each client. Only one primary contact and secondary contact will have the ability to request any changes. It is recommended that clients ensure that only staff who need access to Conserve and contractor information have access to the client dashboard.

What notification do I receive if a contractor is de-activated in Conserve?

Clients will receive email notification should a contractor be de-activated.  Contractors will only be de-activated for either non-payment of Conserve annual licence fees or expired insurances.

A contractor will be given 28 days’ notice for renewal of Conserve annual licence. A contractor will only be de-activated for non-payment should payment not be received on the due date. The contractor is given a further 30 days (credit), before a contractor goes into full closure. Contractors whose insurances require updating will be advised 28 days before expiry. Contractors will be automatically de-activated in Conserve the day after the expiry date of the insurance, and reminded every 7 days until the insurance is renewed.

What information is stored in Conserve for my approved contractors?

Your BNG client services manager will liaise with you to ensure all the necessary information/documentation required by you from your contractors is listed on your validation criteria. Once you have approved your validation criteria, this list will be used to advise your contractors on what information/documentation they are required to upload into Conserve. This information may include but is not limited to; Certificate of business registration, ABN Registration, Certificate of Currency for Insurances, Work Cover certificates, WHS Documents, Employee qualifications and licences, WHS management systems, etc.

Can anybody access the contractor details?

No. You will only have access to information / documentation for contractors who are on your ‘approved contractor list’. You will be able to see limited information such as company name, address and contact numbers for contractors registered in Conserve who have not been assigned to your ‘approved contractor list’.

Can I obtain reports and copies of documentation that my contractors have recorded on Conserve?

Yes. Conserve has a number of different reports available. We also offer an archiving service for a nominal fee. To discuss the archiving option, we recommend you contact our office to discuss in detail.

How secure is the documentation uploaded by the contractors?

Conserve has 3 levels of visibility of information / documentation in the system, all controlled by user identification and password.

  • 1st level access – by contractors. All contractors have visibility of their respective information only in the system.
  • 2nd level access – by clients. All clients have visibility of their own and all their contractors (approved contractors) information only in the system.
  • 3rd level access – by BNG. As administrators of the system, we have visibility of all information in the system.

I have entered my login details on the Conserve website but I am unable to access my Conserve dashboard

It is important to ensure that your web browser allows pop ups. For further information on how to enable pop ups for browser, please check with your IT administrator. Should you continue to experience difficulties accessing the Conserve dashboard, please contact the BNG office and our staff will be able to help guide you through any difficulties you may have.

My username and password combination doesn’t work

If you have forgotten your username and/or password, simply click on the link Forgot User ID/Password and you will be prompted to enter your email address. An email will be sent with your username and password to the nominated email address. Please ensure the email address you are using is the one you have registered with Conserve. If this does not work, please contact the BNG Contractor Services office.

I haven’t received my username and password

If you have registered with Conserve and have yet to receive an email with username and password, please first check your junk mail in your email inbox to ensure it has not been received there. If after checking your junk mail and you still have not received your username and password, please contact the BNG office who will be able to help you with your enquiry.

Who do I contact if I have any questions regarding Conserve or how to use the system?

Our friendly staff at BNG are available Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm to help you with any questions or issues you may have with the Conserve system. Alternatively you can complete the enquiry form and one of our staff will call you.

How do I remove a contractor from my dashboard?

Any information that needs to be deleted or removed from a dashboard can only be completed by a staff member of BNG. Should you require a contractor to be removed from your dashboard, it is recommended that you email BNG per our contact information with the changes you require. Changes to a client’s dashboard must be requested by either the primary client contactor (or the secondary contact, should the primary contact be unavailable).