Other Services

BNG Consulting Pty Ltd was established in 2000 providing training, auditing and consultancy services in Workplace Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems.

BNG Consulting Pty Ltd specialises in Risk Management Services and has some very high profile organisations as clients. These include Woolworths Limited, Xstrata plc, BlueScope Steel, Chubb Australasia, Snowy Hydro Ltd, Lend Lease, Air New Zealand and iiNet among others.

BNG Consulting Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring a high level of service delivery, focused on the needs of the clients and achieved through tangible, cost effective solutions. The following services are offered, in partnership (if required), with clients:

HSEQ Management Systems
- Assisting organisations with sound strategies to develop, implement and continuously improve Health, Safety, Environment and/or Quality Management Systems.

Strategic Planning
- Assisting organisations to develop long range (strategic – 3 to 5 years) and annual HS, E, and/or Q management plans using a specially developed planning tool.

Risk Management
- Assisting organizations to effectively identify and manage HS & E risks using specially developed risk management tools and methodologies.

Incident Investigation
- Independent and objective incident investigations using an incident investigation tool aimed at identifying root causes of the incident.

Self Insurance Services
- Assisting organisations to achieve and maintain self-insurer status for workers compensation insurance.

Management Systems Auditing
- Auditing of Health and Safety (HS), Environmental (E), Quality (Q) and Integrated (HSEQ) management systems using proprietary owned auditing tools that provides scored outcomes, automatic generation of action items and audit reports.

For further information on the services that BNG Consulting Pty Ltd offers, visit the BNG Consulting website.